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Citizens for a walkable & bikeable Carson city

Acknowledgment of Outing Member Responsibility, Express Assumption of Risk, and Release of Liability.                                                             

I hereby agree to abide by Muscle Powered's rules, policies, and safety rules as established by the Board of Directors. I realize that there are risks associated with this event, and that despite the safety rules and reasonable precautions, I could become injured.  I hereby voluntarily assume such risks, waive all claims or demands against Muscle Powered, on account thereof and agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Muscle Powered for any injury or damages which I might sustain, whether caused by negligence or otherwise.  Furthermore, I agree to indemnify, and hold harmless Muscle Powered from any claims or demands by others for which I may be legally responsible.  I also agree that any photos or video of myself participating in this event may be used in publications related to Muscle Powered events and thereby become the property of Muscle Powered.                                                                                 

In consideration for my acceptance as a participant of this Event that:                                                                    

1) I am responsible for having the approriate equipment for the event, that equipment is in good working order, and that my participation in this event is at the discretion of the leader.                                                                 

2) That Muscle Powered is not responsible for transport to and from beginning or ending location(s) for the event.       

3) That should I decide to leave early or continue on after the event ends, I assume all risks associated with that decision and waive all liability against Muscle Powered and the Event leader.  If leaving an event early I will make every reasonable effort to notify the leader and sign out.                                                                   

4) That I will be responsible for all fees that may be associated with this Event.                                                                

5) That I will obey all rules of the road.                                                           

6) That I will discuss with the Event leader, prior to the start of the event, any known physical/mental conditions that may affect my participation in this Event.                                                                  

I have read this document in its entirety and I freely and voluntarily assume all risks associated with this event.      

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